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How to Shop Online from Black Friday to Cyber Monday: 7 Shopping Safety Tips

Read this article and discover how to shop online from Black Friday to Cyber Monday! Here are 7 shopping safety tips to keep in mind!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it is followed by two of the most popular shopping days of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. More than 48% of US citizens plan to use laptops, tablets, and smartphones to shop Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday promotions which make this weekend not only the busiest shopping day of the year but an ideal time for hackers and cybercriminals to swoop in. Unfortunately, cybercriminals and hackers could not be happier. They are already preparing their strategies about to get information from the web, to steal, and rob.

There is no need to panic! You need to protect yourself and you need to do it soon. According to a research fro Visa, there is 18% increase in holiday spending over the internet for the last year. We are talking about millions and millions of dollars spent on online sales over the Thanksgiving shopping season (from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday). That is why it is important that online shoppers protect their personal information when shopping online.

In order to help you, we are going to present you a few shopping safety tips that will help you shop safely online from Black Friday to Cyber Monday:

  1. Make sure the website address is 100% secure. You need to make sure the website has a valid encryption certificate. You need to see a locked green sign in front of the URL or the website name. If the site doesn’t have that, it means that the sites is fraudulent or that it doesn’t have a higher level of safety and security that has been guaranteed by companies such as Symantec, Verisign, and others.
  2. Always use a credit card that is not related directly to your private bank account. This rule applies for PayPal and Bitcoin as well. Even though PayPal is one of the best and most secure payment methods, you should always be careful and protect your credit card information.

3. Never give anything other than your name, phone number, and address. Avoid answering questions related to privacy and security when buying something or when checking out. If there are privacy or security questions, see if you can checkout and complete the buying process as a guest instead.

4. Make sure the network your device is using is secure and you know exactly who has access to it. Usually, this is done through your router. We recommend you to lock down your router so that internet traffic can be entered from the inside-out and not from the outside-in. Also, when you are using a WI-FI internet connection, make sure the network is safe and demands a password to join. Keep in mind that if it is a public Wi-Fi and the network doesn’t require a password, the traffic coming from tablet or laptop can be monitored and easily stolen.

5. Monitor your credit card and your private information through a third party for hacking and identity theft and have email and SMS alerts sent to you immediately.

6. The password you are using should be strong and hard to guess. The best combination is easy to remember and hard to guess.

7. Never click on unfamiliar and untrusted links to websites advertising coupons, sales, and additional discounts.

Keep your financial and personal information close at hand and never enter information until you are 100% sure the website is reliable and safe. Enjoy Black Friday and have fun!